staying positive

Having any ailment and forced to rest is not fun. I’m missing my daily swim which energizes me mentally and physically. This is not an “oh poor me” whine, it’s just a what is. I recently had a basal cell lesion removed from the tip of my nose and a skin graft taken from my ear. I am just one week post op and hoping the graft was successful. Honestly, I worry that I will have to have a second graft; those shots to the nose were extremely painful.

I try to keep my situation in perspective. So many people live in pain daily. I think about that a lot and especially now as people are being bombed out of their homes or dying from hunger. We fight over abortion rights while tiny, malnourished babies all over the world fight for one more day of life. Humankind can be kind but it seems that we have really fucked up.

Anyway, my stuff is small. I am going to focus on the positive and try to get some light exercise. I do need to figure out how to wash my hair and not get these bandages wet because a woman’s got to do what she’s gotta do.