Yesterday I made an abrupt movement near my screen door and a bird in the hedge took flight; spooked. This morning I found what was left behind.

Lucy’s Paradise on a quiet night.


There’s an outdoor music venue next door to my apartment. I’m listening to a brass band and playing chess online. Life is good😎

Maybe I should start a list and add ‘make a profile photo for’.

All of my files are a mess. I used to be very organized and then I turned on iCloud Drive. It shouldn’t be confusing but it became that way. I need to clean things up a bit. 😬

The lagoon side of my town.

Dutch pancakes for breakfast are always a hit.

Chili omelette was good. My friends had never heard of this before.

This is the corner close to my home. It is a hub in our little town offering tacos, local pharmacy needs and a doctor, as well as being the main bus stop here. Always something going on and friends to say hi … or adiós.

I decided to learn a little bit about Kwanzaa and discovered that my new calendar book starts on December 26. How perfect. In the meantime, Merry Christmas everyone. 😎

You have to give credit to anyone who would wear this holiday hat. He says that it was a gift and he will wear it until Christmas.

This little one wandered by Luis’s tienda this evening.

The salsas are always yummy. I don’t shy away from hot.

When I want chicken tacos I hit up Miriam’

The Christmas tree is up in the jardin.

Just a memory, school was out and I was enjoying my teacher’s garden.

I had to leave microblogvember because I have no discipline right now. The end.

day 9 certain

As the year moves along, it is certain to bring cooler weather. Cheers to that.

day 7 insight

An insight shared lives on.

day 6 echo (my first day to play)

I am trying to recall the very first time I heard an echo.

Hola Roberto!

View from a restaurant I’ve been wanting to visit. I finally made it there. 😎

Out my back door.


Meet Antonio. He is such a lovely man. I used to see him at different locations around town. He uses a walker to get around and it serves as a chair too. We have gradually become acquainted and he always welcomes me with a smile. When I asked to take his photo he put his shirt on proceeded into the serious pose. Learning Spanish has allowed me to make new friends and learn of their lives. He used to be a diver and we share an interest in maps.