I’m getting there.

I am sharing these two photos as evidence of my progress at minimalism. My wardrobe is contained within these two areas. Besides holding clothing these drawers are also home to some kitchen items. Living in a small apartment allows me to keep things simple. I don’t buy extras because there is no place to put them. I need space to breathe and my living room is quite comfortable.

I love the traditional Mexican homes where the rooms are built around a small garden. I was a guest for breakfast and thoroughly enjoyed being served. The highlight of course was visiting with my friends. 😎

Barra de Navidad, Mexico 3:11 in the afternoon

If Maria is in the building it must be Tuesday.

I choose to blog on Micro.blog because it serves my needs and it is an interesting and kind community. #adayinthelife

After not eating enough veggies these past couple of days, I am indulging in a bowl of kale cooked with garlic; heaven.

Today is not the photo blog day but if it was…

I always tell myself to get into the habit of posting to micro.blog everyday just to practice writing, and then a photo challenge arrives.

I love this man. He is my good friend Luis. He really runs his store as a service and if you want to buy just one cigarette or just one aspirin, no problema. And, he gives people credit if they are short on cash like the old mom and pop groceries of yesteryear.

While on vacation in France, 2016 I discovered the beauty of Provence.

I spent a fair amount of time cleaning up dead branches on this palm therefore I am definitely not a flake today.

I had a little excitement today when this darling baby iguana scurried by me. That was my big emotion for the day. These little guys can haul ass.

Overcome with the yen for chocolate I baked these cookies. They look funny but they taste like brownies 😂

Relentless clouds take shape as we await the storm.


Many years ago I worked with a Mexican gentleman at a restaurant; he was a dishwasher and I was a waitress. He didn’t speak English and I didn’t speak Spanish but we still found ways to communicate and laugh. We had these little rhyming nonsensical sing-song ditties; hola hola Coca Cola, pajarito sin cola, nada nada limonada. He had such a great demeanor for someone doing dishes all day. Marcos was such a likable guy.

Anyway, after a busy day and a continuous load of dirty dishes to the kitchen I decided to teach my friend a new word: relentless. We practiced it everyday until it would just roll off his tongue.

The inside joke for me was that someday in the future as Marcos learned more English, he might have a conversation where he confidently used the word relentless and catch someone off guard with his command of the word.

The last time I saw Marcos was when we ran into each other at a grocery store maybe six or seven years ago. Just a happy, chance meeting. As I think of this I remember his eyes; he had smiling eyes. Yes, relentlessly smiling eyes.

Sorry, I have no photo of Marcos.

So much hope lives in the seed; it’s dna, it’s future. And then there is the hope of an idea, a creation, a seed of thought that is projected out onto the universe to take hold, grow roots and thrive. I’m not sure which is more exciting.

Frosty. I must defrost my fridge regularly because it’s not frost-free; came with my apartment. No bulk shopping for me. Yes, a new refrigerator is on my want list but it requires a cabinet replacement first. Oh well.

I call this message that I found on the side of a building graceful graffiti.

My home has a new painting on the wall.


Change. The day makes way for the night and with a little color.


A grid within a grid.