Today I am going to reinforce a positive way of being. #mbnov

Living in a small town it’s easy to get things done as a pedestrian. Even though I have a car after four years without, I really don’t need to drive much. #mbnov

I would love to mask the sciatica pain from my my hip and leg so hopefully the cortisone shot brings relief soon. I’ve read it can take a few days. Grrr… I don’t like drugs. #mbnov

Arguing two distinct moral principles most likely poses a dilemma for those individuals debating at our higher courts. #mbnov

I had to adjust my attitude after being frustrated on the computer. Why do some things appear to be easy and end up being so complicated? Anyway, yoga helped; that was the adjustment tool. #mbnov

Albert Einstein said: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” I would call that good advice. #mbnov

The provision, being chicken mole, was indeed made from chicken stock. As a result of all my cooking today, I’ve posted late. #mbnov

Today I cooked a chicken that I will use in my mole. I did not capture the creature. It had some feather quills still present reminding me it was once an active being. #mbnov

I am living south of the US border right now and it is generally a lot lot less stressful. #mbnov

Winter in my area is the best time of the year. The humidity has dropped to a comfortable level and the mornings are cool. Life is life. #mbnov

Dreams fade. The day begins. A desire to learn something new helps me shake off the cobwebs still clinging to my being. I rise. #mbnov

Technology has made what once seemed impossible, possible. That’s it; my short sweet post, lol. #mbnov

Boys on bikes.

There were three of them, young boys on bicycles behind me riding a bit recklessly so I moved out of the way. As they got closer I could hear one of the kids singing a little ditty. I think it was a nonsensical tune that included calling out the names of the nearby pueblos. As they passed by me I heard an English word repeated and I figured they added this for my sake, the gringa.

I was already smiling, getting a kick out of their harmless play when I noticed on the other side of the jardín they were now batting the branches of a tree and stirring up the resting birds. Nature disturbed, locals dining on tacos now watching the commotion, birds flying, oh my. I smiled some more.

A long time ago I was going to give up coffee. Someone suggested to me that I could think of caffeine as my ally to use as needed. To this day I have a wonderful dependence on my ally coffee. It’s my favorite drug. #mbnov

I never knew there was a poor me until someone said so. Ending up in a foster home, not living with my real parents, there must have been something wrong with me. Up until that moment, before being called out, I was fine. I had my train ticket. I was happy. #mbnov

Many years ago I had a job making hand made tile. We handled bricks of moist clay and one of the first things that I learned was that clay has memory. We were encouraged to handle the clay as little as possible during the process of rolling it out on plaster bats. #mbnov

I’m not a far cry from missing the deadline. #mbnov

While playing with (I’m new at it) and seeing how powerful it is, Keyboard Maestro is spooky fun. #mbnov

I didn’t need to guess which way to go; un buen día en la playa 😎#mbnov

A skirt or a pair of shorts and a t-shirt is what I wear most days. #mbnov

Say whatever is on your mind. Some people do. #mbnov

When I think of the “elders” of any community I think this elite group must be comprised of the wise ones, the teachers, the masters. So to have the great fortune of living a long life and being part of the elderly circle is a great honor. #mbnov

I forgot that I snapped a few photos on an outing last week. I like this one. Coco beach, Costa Alegre JAL., Mexico.

One of the most important elements of my force to navigate life is integrity, the act of being my word. #mbnov

Do not let my words bind me. Let them lead me to a world I speak into existence. #mbnov