Five years ago today I was in Paris. It was my first trip ever to Europe. A highlight of that trip was an afternoon at the Luxembourg Gardens.

I just looked out the window and noticed this colorful sky.

My friend Luis once told me that Mexicans seldom go to bed early. The evidence is in. There is often music to be heard until the wee hours of the morning in my hood. I’ve gotten used to it. Así es.


I asked Siri to show me photos of bicycles and an old favorite popped up.

riding the bus

I grew up in San Francisco therefore I was very familiar with the Muni system. While in high school I took on a part time job and everyday drove with friends downtown from the outer Richmond. Returning home in the evenings was usually on the 2 Clement line. What is etched in my mind is how mesmerized I would get staring out the window and gazing at different buildings and dwellings. I often saw the flicker of a tv emanating from a window. That was enthralling. I would wonder about the lives of the people in their homes watching the boob tube. I would somehow feel connected to these strangers from a distance. It was a mystery, always in black and white, and I looked forward to it 5 days a week.

Here in Mexico people often work 6 days a week; most of the ones I meet at least. Last night I asked my good friend about that. “Luis, why is it that everyone works 6 days a week?” His response was immediate, “we have lots of children”. We both laughed hard. It could be true.

I was suggesting to my friend to clean up the leaves on his awning when we discovered a gem amongst the rubble.

I have been watching this young man, Fernando, grow up. He is always so quiet but not so scared of me these days. If he turns out as kind as his father Anselmo, he will have had a good start in life.

new logic board

It’s a rainy morning after Hurricane Enrique continues to move north along the Costalegre vicinity of Mexico. I have just updated to Big Sur as the logic board on my computer was replaced. A big shout out to the guys over at MacGeek in Manzanillo. So far things are looking good. I reinstalled 1Password after worrying that some snafu would occur and I would lose my cargo. Another app, DayOne, survived the sync. Hopefully there is no hurt in reloading my other apps; moving slowly.

The fan above me whirls round as do the thoughts inside my head. The computer died and with it’s reawakening there will be so much to do. Are my backups good enough? I am concerned but I am not upset. C’est la vie.

the double whammy

When I was very young, probably around 6 years old, there was an event that occurred that I have never forgotten. After school one day my friend suggested that we buy some candy and she gave me a nickel. We went to the store. I paid first and gave the man my money. When my friend paid she gave him a dime and he gave her a nickel back in change. She turned to me and said “here, he gave me your nickel”. I tried to explain that it was no longer mine and only her change. She didn’t understand. There was no changing her mind. I surrendered with candy in one hand and a nickel in the other.

lime green pumps

My good friend Joanie and I shared the dance floor weekly for some out and out frenzy fun, for years. She always had a closet full of shoes and she had an eclectic taste. She once loaned me a pair of neon lime green pumps for one of our dance nights. I really loved those pumps and to think of them I just smile inside and out. More importantly, I loved Joanie. Joanie died earlier this year and I miss her with a vengeance. If I ever come across a pair of neon lime green pumps again, I will buy them and wear them proudly.

A place I visit often for a late breakfast, Ramon’s in Barra de Navidad. It feels like home.

My gardenia plant had been suffering from sooty mold due to some nasty ant like insects. I was having a rough time too. I declared that I was only as healthy as my plants and started giving them more attention. I have been rewarded.

Tell me your story young man. About how you made it through the tough times when you were broken and you needed something to survive.

This is me playing with a silly toy I just bought.

a blank page

I have never really written much. Over the years there are tidbits here and there. Sometimes I get inspired, have a thought and suddenly I’ve jotted down a paragraph or two and it resembles a poem. Recently while sitting at my computer I opened a page in an application and suddenly I am staring at this big beautiful blank page. I call it beautiful because that empty page calls out to be written upon. Imagine stringing together words and with those words creating anything. It’s like magic.

Note to self: Don’t be petty. Focus on the task in front of you; your life.

I am learning to not criticize other people. I am finding this practice to be quite liberating. 😎

Are you ready to chill? The umbrella is up.

Pompasetting, a thing more easily done in costume.

I was at my friends store and he reminded me that this candy is a favorite of mine; just like Snickers.

A lot has happened lately. I am immersed in conversation (me talking to me) about the stories we tell about ourselves. About judging and blaming others and what it takes to be forgiving. I am learning to not be tortured by the past but to learn from those experiences.