when oven cools...

Many years ago I was moving to a new rental and was crazy busy thinking I could do it all on my own. I packed up my car numerous times and drove ten minutes north to my new home. There I would unpack the car and then repeat. It was exhausting. I had a full-time job as a waitress and I would do the moving after work. I am a person who never asks for help (not a recommended trait). Where in the hell did I get all this stuff? I cried.

Anyway, I also had to clean the house that I was moving out of and I was tired. I bought an assortment of products to help me get the job done. I read directions for the oven cleaner. I checked the procedure for the carpet spot cleaner too and even tested it out on a little patch. I would be ready the next day, after work, to tackle the cleaning job.

So, the next day I get started on the cleaning. I grab the rug cleaner and spray it on a two foot square area. After a short time I grab the aerosol can to remind me of the time frame needed. The first thing I read was, “when oven cools…”. Oh holy shit, no! I grabbed some clean towels and proceeded to soak up the product over and over again using plain water.

It was a miracle that the carpet was not damaged; in fact, it was clean with no discoloring. The event was a fright and the outcome was just pure luck.

Today my cynical side is saying having fewer friends is good because then there are less people to disappoint. Of course the cynical me is not real, so what I just said doesn’t really matter. 😂

I just needed to have my feet in the sand, so I took a stroll and then sat and watched the waves roll in. 😎


I like beginnings just like I am fond of numbers that end in 0 or 5. In the case of the digits it’s the roundness that is somehow fulfilling.

The start of something new, in my mind, is quite promising, full of hope. And so the beginning of a new day is thrilling. If that new day is also the first day of a new year, how can you top that?

The quieter I become, the louder the messengers of the past… within the well of my being notes resonate, seeking translation.

Ghostly echos from the past are embedded in my bones. The dna cannot be ignored, it has hitched a ride.

Take your breath bones and speak to me, tell me who you are.

As thoughts, memories, bookmarked stories and ideas trail across my brain there is no resting. The heart beats, blood pulsing in and out, in and out of my veins as life demands attention now.

Today I am going to reinforce a positive way of being. #mbnov

Living in a small town it’s easy to get things done as a pedestrian. Even though I have a car after four years without, I really don’t need to drive much. #mbnov

I would love to mask the sciatica pain from my my hip and leg so hopefully the cortisone shot brings relief soon. I’ve read it can take a few days. Grrr… I don’t like drugs. #mbnov

Arguing two distinct moral principles most likely poses a dilemma for those individuals debating at our higher courts. #mbnov

I had to adjust my attitude after being frustrated on the computer. Why do some things appear to be easy and end up being so complicated? Anyway, yoga helped; that was the adjustment tool. #mbnov

Albert Einstein said: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” I would call that good advice. #mbnov

The provision, being chicken mole, was indeed made from chicken stock. As a result of all my cooking today, I’ve posted late. #mbnov

Today I cooked a chicken that I will use in my mole. I did not capture the creature. It had some feather quills still present reminding me it was once an active being. #mbnov

I am living south of the US border right now and it is generally a lot lot less stressful. #mbnov

Winter in my area is the best time of the year. The humidity has dropped to a comfortable level and the mornings are cool. Life is life. #mbnov

Dreams fade. The day begins. A desire to learn something new helps me shake off the cobwebs still clinging to my being. I rise. #mbnov

Technology has made what once seemed impossible, possible. That’s it; my short sweet post, lol. #mbnov

Boys on bikes.

There were three of them, young boys on bicycles behind me riding a bit recklessly so I moved out of the way. As they got closer I could hear one of the kids singing a little ditty. I think it was a nonsensical tune that included calling out the names of the nearby pueblos. As they passed by me I heard an English word repeated and I figured they added this for my sake, the gringa.

I was already smiling, getting a kick out of their harmless play when I noticed on the other side of the jardín they were now batting the branches of a tree and stirring up the resting birds. Nature disturbed, locals dining on tacos now watching the commotion, birds flying, oh my. I smiled some more.

A long time ago I was going to give up coffee. Someone suggested to me that I could think of caffeine as my ally to use as needed. To this day I have a wonderful dependence on my ally coffee. It’s my favorite drug. #mbnov

I never knew there was a poor me until someone said so. Ending up in a foster home, not living with my real parents, there must have been something wrong with me. Up until that moment, before being called out, I was fine. I had my train ticket. I was happy. #mbnov

Many years ago I had a job making hand made tile. We handled bricks of moist clay and one of the first things that I learned was that clay has memory. We were encouraged to handle the clay as little as possible during the process of rolling it out on plaster bats. #mbnov

I’m not a far cry from missing the deadline. #mbnov

While playing with (I’m new at it) and seeing how powerful it is, Keyboard Maestro is spooky fun. #mbnov