Are you ready to chill? The umbrella is up.

Pompasetting, a thing more easily done in costume.

I was at my friends store and he reminded me that this candy is a favorite of mine; just like Snickers.

A lot has happened lately. I am immersed in conversation (me talking to me) about the stories we tell about ourselves. About judging and blaming others and what it takes to be forgiving. I am learning to not be tortured by the past but to learn from those experiences.


Find the banana.

Why not sit a spell?


Many years ago I took my mom to see Christo’s Umbrellas. One day later, bad weather contributed to a fatal casualty and the installation was dismantled.

It’s fancy, it’s a day late and it’s alive.

This blanket is one I held onto when I moved to Mexico. It’s been cold lately and it makes me feel at home.

Given the weight of this slab, it should be still for quite awhile.

This erudite book has been quite helpful during a difficult time.


I was thinking about the word for today compassion for the current photo blog challenge. I was reminded of some lyrics to a song by David Byrne. The song is “The Call of The Wild”. One line goes like this: Two mountains love one another; for a million years.

I have a lot of compassion for this woman. She has experienced great loss in her life and I respect her for all the hard work that she does.

Using one’s platform to display compassion is a win. I don’t know this person but I like the message.

A valentine I made for friends a long time ago.

I made this simple pouch many years ago.

Here I am, almost alone, as I have been *sporg*ed by some friends. C’est la vie.

The first time I encountered this machine it was quite confusing to use. Paris, 2016.

It takes a lot of energy managing the energy output on my Mexican oven. The dial markings are 1 through 5. No setting will maintain 300 degrees F.

At the beach it’s not muddy, just lots of sand.

I hope to pot this little baby soon and not get pricked by any of the tips.

I loved visiting Paris for the first time in 2016. There was always a craving for an espresso.