when oven cools...

Many years ago I was moving to a new rental and was crazy busy thinking I could do it all on my own. I packed up my car numerous times and drove ten minutes north to my new home. There I would unpack the car and then repeat. It was exhausting. I had a full-time job as a waitress and I would do the moving after work. I am a person who never asks for help (not a recommended trait). Where in the hell did I get all this stuff? I cried.

Anyway, I also had to clean the house that I was moving out of and I was tired. I bought an assortment of products to help me get the job done. I read directions for the oven cleaner. I checked the procedure for the carpet spot cleaner too and even tested it out on a little patch. I would be ready the next day, after work, to tackle the cleaning job.

So, the next day I get started on the cleaning. I grab the rug cleaner and spray it on a two foot square area. After a short time I grab the aerosol can to remind me of the time frame needed. The first thing I read was, “when oven cools…”. Oh holy shit, no! I grabbed some clean towels and proceeded to soak up the product over and over again using plain water.

It was a miracle that the carpet was not damaged; in fact, it was clean with no discoloring. The event was a fright and the outcome was just pure luck.