day 29

I wonder why it is that some people like to go with the crowd and others tend to resist the flow. It has always been in my nature to question the norm.

I recall as a first grader how in unison our class would greet the teacher in singsong. “Good morning Mrs. Fa-ku-da. The whole sentence was drawn out. It was so unnatural and my way of pointing that out was to loudly draw out the greeting even further. Oops, that didn’t go over well. I think that incident marked my first rebellious act. And, I’ve gone against the tide ever since.

My choice to do the opposite of whatever everyone else was doing was not intentional. I think I just liked options and I didn’t feel the need to follow the masses. In High School most of my peers signed up to study Spanish; that in itself was a good reason to sign up for French. It was an automatic reflex.

Anyway, the idea for this post comes from a song by the band Cake as I was listening to it this morning. The lyric I liked was, “I like a girl who cuts through red tape with a machete”. Ha!