day 25

Just do it. That’s what I am telling myself right now. Just pick up your phone (the closest electronic device) and start writing.

So, today I geared up, mask on face and headed to the key kiosk to get a couple of keys made. The garage door latch wasn’t working properly so this was a necessary task given my new car will be arriving soon; another story.

I have been worried about not abiding by the local house rules in my town given I am a foreigner. The tightest restrictions have been on those of us over 60. On my journey of three or four blocks, I was quite surprised by people forgoing the face mask being out and about.

I also stopped at a local market for a few items. During this simple yet wonderful outing I conversed with two friends that I encountered. I have maintained a good attitude lately but that brief meeting of like minds was quite a treat.