day 23

Just to do something different here I am going list all of my Apple hardware. For starters, I just purchased the 16” MBP. I traded in a 2017 13” MBP that I babied because I feared keyboard failure. By not upgrading my 9.7” iPad Pro and getting 1000$ for my trade in the net cost for the 16” was small. Also, previous to this purchase I sold a 2013 15” MBP for a good price.

I’m sporting an iPhone 10s, taking full advantage of the dual sim. I love the size. I plan on keeping this for a long time. The 7 plus didn’t last long because it was too big. Still have a 5s stashed as an emergency backup.

I’m on my second Apple Watch after buying the very first model. I like it for my lap swims and I use the timer often each day. Getting a few notifications keeps me connected to important communications.

My Apple TV is the generation prior to 4K. Actually I’m not using it since Apple TV is now installed on my LG television. So far that version is not a great experience.

More and more I use my phone where I would normally use my iPad. I have always loved the iPad but the most joy I get is when I hop on the notebook. I took classes at the Apple store and the laptop is just fun for me.

I really love learning new things on my electronic devices. I certainly have enough of them.