day 22

Water is truly the most important thing one uses each day. I assume that the majority of people on this planet have modern plumbing but not being a statistician I can’t say that for sure. Anyway, it is so nice to turn on the tap and just have water. Not much to think about until…

Well living in a small town in Mexico with a not so great infrastructure things can be very different. I have learned the nuances of the water system in my building. I can proactively troubleshoot potential problems by, for example, paying attention to the water pressure. My hot water when opened gets a boost of pressure 2 seconds in. If this doesn’t happen it’s a red flag. That little boost is from the solar heating pump.

So whatever time of day it is, this red flag sends me on the task of checking the elements of our system. Two flights down and I will be checking the pump, the city water tap and checking for the sound of a filling cistern.

And tonight, that I did.