Who would have known? No one could have seen what I was hiding everyday. I sift through every drawer in the house. No clean underwear to be found. Mom is sick and I cannot bother her. I do what I must do, chin up, I go to school.

Do you see my pain? No, of course not. I hide it from myself. I’m good that way. I face the world; I face my friends. I forget. I detach. And I learn. How I love to learn. A world of words and numbers and art, saves me. My face, is a face that succeeds.

Until now. I am lost. The armor steadfastly worn and endured, weighs heavily on my desire of freedom.

I need to know the heart of mine, that has ached and known fierce loneliness. I will slowly remove the steely veil that separates, harnesses and hides. I will practice telling the truth. I will succeed.

Do you see my joy? Yes, you will. I’m learning to show you my heart and to have no fear. I do what I must do, chin up, I go to school.