A childhood memory that stuck.

There is an event from my early childhood that has always stayed with me and it has to do with friendship. More importantly it has to do with relating to other people and the consequences of one’s actions. I recalled this event after reading a post by @de.

The post: “To see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.” Georgia O’Keeffe

I just love this quote, for so many reasons.

Anyway, as a third grader at an elementary school there was a practice of kids befriending each other for the day. That meant during recess you buddied up with that person, hung out. I only remember one day in particular with regards to that practice.

So before class one day a little girl asks me to be her friend for the day and I say yes. And then, on the stairway to the school entrance I get another offer and I tell her yes as well. Oops, I had created a dilema and was forced to choose between the two girls; one would get hurt feelings and the other would be happy.

The result of my choice, having not been schooled in the ways of a diplomat, was a very uncomfortable day. My action, my choice hurt someone else and I felt that all day. I had chosen the second girl and therefore broken my word with the first. I consider this event as one of my early life lessons. Ultimately, we will be accountable for our actions.